SCS Passionate Chef Rewards Program

The Passionate Chef Rewards program’s goal was to thank SCS’s loyal customers for their unwavering support. The secondary objective was to entice them to make more purchases. The target audience earned points each time they bought SCS butter. Once they had accumulated enough points, they redeemed premiums on SCS’s website.

A logo was needed to reflect the exclusivity of this program. SCS wanted to adopt a tasteful style to make the target audience feel special. The choice of font was san serif, with a heart shape incorporated in the logotype. The overall look and feel was to be clean and understated, without any excessive embellishments. A series of food photographs was used in the various marketing collaterals to further elevate this campaign. Marketing collaterals that were developed consisted of a poster, a sticker, a wobbler and a shelf-talker. In addition, the SCS website was also revamped to give a focus on the SCS Passionate Chef Rewards program.