Introducing Fun Elements in Snacks and Juice Drinks for the Young Ones

This project’s goal is to refresh the branding of ROFL, while keeping the fun elements in snacks and juice drinks for children, as well as the young-at-heart. The old ROFL mascot was hand-drawn. We re-created the bear, making the lines crisp to give the mascot a polished, updated and cheery look.

Under the ROFL brand, there are two lines of products—snacks and juice drinks. The brand mascot is the predominant element in the packaging designs of these products.

For the ROFL Brown Rice Rings, the bear mascot is shown to be having fun with the brown rice rings. Seven poses were developed—each for one flavour in the series.

Five different poses were created for the juice drink labels, with the colours of the background complimenting the flavours. To attract the young target audience, bright colours were applied to the designs.