In 2018, we were commissioned to work on the logo design for Oshino, a high-end sushi bar, featuring Chef Koichiro Oshino.

Logo rationale:
Classic simplicity expressed in perfect balance and symmetry. A fluid brush stroke surrounds Chef Koichiro Oshino’s family crest – a harmonious symbol of the artistry, craftsmanship and heritage of traditional Japanese cuisine. The crest itself represents 七宝 (shichi-hō or shippō). A mark of purity, devotion and the constant pursuit of perfection. With rich colours of black and gold, the logois designed to embody the elegance, sophistication and esteem of the restaurant.

The restaurant opened in February 2020—we designed the menu and handmade the covers. The menu covers are wrapped in fabric with a geometrical pattern, which echoes the interior design of the restaurant.