The Thousand Dollar Journal

The Thousand Dollar Journal is a daily guide to get people to $1,000 of savings and then becoming a millionaire. It makes use of tables to track spending and monitor expenses. In a nutshell, it’s a user-friendly book about financial literacy, guiding you through weekly to develop good saving habits while providing smart investment tips.

When the author (a hedge fund manager who calls himself the “Seven Dollar Millionaire”) came to us with this project, we were totally excited about the idea of producing a book that is both fun to read and easy to follow. Unlike most books on financial literacy that are dry and complex, the author simplified many abstract financial concepts to something which is accessible to everyone. Our challenge? To design the editorial layout and translate the data into easy to understand infographics and images.

On the front cover, there are a total of 147 $7-coins incorporated in the words “THOUSAND DOLLARS”. As written in this journal, if the reader saves $7 daily for 147 days (21 weeks), they would have saved $1029. They would then be able to use this savings to start investing.

We also developed a mascot for this book—Peggy Pigasus, the pig with wings but is too heavy to fly. She is the companion for the readers, guiding them along and clearing financial doubts.  We designed a total of six poses for Peggy, and she is peppered through the pages. As a companion to the book, we designed the website for the Seven Dollar Millionaire: The direction of this site is to echo the look and feel of the journal and to enable the target audience to purchase the PDF and hard copies.

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